The Benefits of Live-In Kung Fu Academies in China

Headline: Live-in Kung Fu Academies can be a great way to learn Kung Fu skills by being totally immersed in the Kung Fu lifestyle.

One way students of kung fu can enjoy the benefits of kung fu and enhance the positive change in mind and body wellness that kung fu provides is by joining an all-inclusive kung fu camp in China. These live-in camps can be
booked for one week to one year or more, and generally include 7-9 hours of training in a variety of kung fu and tai chi forms per weekday, daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and culture and language classes.


Not Just Martial Art Skills, but an Improvement in Overall Wellness

Classes are taught by kung fu masters with years of experience in both practicing and teaching martial arts. Students can immerse themselves in a traditional kung fu lifestyle- martial arts classes tend to start at 6 am and are broken up by short breaks for meditation. This schedule creates a holistic mind and body training regime that results in an improvement martial art skills and overall wellness. The live-in kung fu training academies are also usually placed in beautiful and peaceful parts of the country to maximize both relaxation and concentration. Many of the kung fu academies offer lessons for students of all levels, from early beginner to advanced, tailoring lessons to suit each student’s needs and abilities.

Change Perspective, Boost Confidence, Keep Open Mind, and Willing to Work Hard

Several former students at these Chinese kung fu academies have written glowing reviews of their time in training, testifying to the improvements on their physical well-being, and also emphasizing how living and training at these Kung Fu academies have changed their perspectives on life- boosting their confidence, making them more open to new experiences and more willing to work hard to achieve their goals.  One reviewer, Galitch Coltrane from Switzerland, wrote of his yearlong martial arts training at Kunyu Mountain Martial Arts Academy, “the training was very intense and difficult but I learned that I can always push myself harder, and that is my greatest gain here- I learned not to give up and to believe in myself.” A reviewer for Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School, Leonardo Reed, concurred, saying, “One of the best places I have been to in my life. I learned a lot, and I grew a lot.”

There is a wide variety of live-in Kung Fu academies in China, and each offers a differing set of training regimes and Kung Fu styles. For example, the martial art form invented by Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do, is only available at one Kung Fu academy, the Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School. Students should therefore thoroughly investigate course offerings before committing to an academy. Overall, living and training in a Chinese Kung Fu academy can be a very positive experience and comes highly recommended for those looking to improve both their mental and physical strength and skill set.


Written by Amber Todoroff

Posted by Yuqing

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2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Live-In Kung Fu Academies in China

  1. Here is part of my story, I practiced Okinawa style karate back in 1969, then I learned a little bit of western boxing and Olympic wrestling,use to jog around 3 miles, then I had an accident in 1994 that kept me out of any sport for a long time. Then I met Tai chi Chuan several years ago (self taught) and now I can not live without tai chi.
    I am 70 years old and I will continually strive for excellence in my practices.


    • Thanks for your comment to our blog. Wow, that sounds amazing! This is the beauty of Tai Chi. It looks like a slow movement but its inner strength and its influence to life is powerful! 🙂


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