Kungfu News in France

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National Internship for Qi Gong for the Northern Zone

On Nov 26, the National Internship for Qi Gong for the Northern Zone has taken place at the Sport Centre Max Rousié, in Paris. Organized by the FFDKDA, this course aimed to make participants contribute actively to their own well-being and their energetic equilibrium.

Paris, November 26th  2016


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Shuai Jiao National Championship

The national championship of Shuai Jiao will take place at the Lucan Gymnasium in Mantes la Jolie on Sunday January 29th 2017, as from 9 am to 6 pm. Children born as from 2010 will be able to participate and weighting and enrolment will take place on the same day at 9 am. This championship also stands as qualifications for the Word Cup of Shuai Jiao 2017 that will take place in November in San Francisco.

Mantes la Jolie, 2017 January 29th 2017




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