Shaolin Kung Fu for Beginners

Here is a list of several standing exercises within Kung Fu that will help improve balance, fitness, and mental tranquility. These stances also form the basis of other Kung Fu exercises and forms. The presenter is Master Wu Nanfang, as a part of his Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu Youtube series.



1) Tranquil stance

Stand squarely on both feet to about shoulders’ width, relax your body and your mind. Raise your hands gently in front of you abdomen and meanwhile bend your knees slowly. Stand quietly for 5 minutes.



2) Horse Stance

Plant your feet squarely apart and bend your knees, like you are riding a horse



3) Nail Stance

Shift part of your weight to your left leg. Take back your right leg slowly and keep the sole of your right foot’s toes on the ground. Turn your hip gently. Stand quietly like this for a while and then change side.Put your right foot in front of your left foot and keep the sole of your right foot’s toes on the ground. Stand quietly for a while and then change side.



4) One legged stance

Raise your right leg slowly and stand like this for a while and then change side.



5) Drop stance 1

Move your hands upwards and to the side while leaning forward with most of your weight on one foot



6) Drop stance 2

Move your hands downward and shift your weight to your other leg. Repeat for the other side.



7) Ending Posture

Take your feet back and put your hands with fingers crossed in front of your chest. Relax your body.

Practice these moves in succession for up to an hour to help master the basics of some Kung Fu forms/taolu



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