Benefits of Kids Learning Kung Fu

When you practice Kung Fu, you make your mind and body stronger. The moves you learn might be fun, but Kung Fu can teach you a whole lot more than that! Here are some of the good things that happen when kids learn Kung Fu: 


1. Improved Focus – The original meaning of ‘kung fu’ is ‘any skill that takes hard work and dedication to obtain.’ It takes a lot of concentration and practice to become really good at Kung Fu, especially today, when it is so easy to be distracted by TV and the internet. Kids who learn Kung Fu know how to put aside those distractions so that they can become the best they can be!

2. Improved Fitness – Kung Fu lessons can be a holistic exercise for the mind and body, and kung fu can build core strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. Attending the fitness benefits are self-defense skills that could be helpful if your child should ever have to defend him or herself.

3. Friends- Although Kung Fu isn’t necessarily a team sport, you can still make a lot of new friends in your classes. When you spar with a partner you both can share your love of Kung Fu!

4. Improved Self confidence – Self esteem is important for mental well being. The strength, coordination, skills, and friendship kids can build while practicing kung fu will translate to greater confidence in other areas in their lives as well, such as at school.

5. Improved Conflict Resolution – Kung Fu helps you gain self-discipline and self-respect, so you know you don’t actually have to fight in order to solve a problem. Kung Fu teaches that if someone says mean things to you, you can ignore them or use conversation to talk about why those words are mean and how you don’t like being talked to that way.


Overall, Kung Fu has a lot to teach kids- and adults!- about improving mental and physical health and social skills. How have your Kung Fu lessons helped you in your daily life?


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